Employee Testimonials



CBE is my second family! This is where I continuously learn to be a better person every single day. This is where I get real, honest, and sincere feedback from people I trust. CBE has allowed me to share "me" and influence people I work with. At the same time, CBE gives me the chance to absorb new things and be "led" by others.

–Vilem Gaz, Human Resources Department


CBE has changed my life financially but also with my personal life. Taking ownership of situations I get myself into and owning up to mistakes I’ve made. Everyone is family here! Love coming to work every day.

– Oscar Jose Guerrero, Treasury Department


I love how CBE has made me become as a person. I also love how the company is so willing to work with you if needed in family emergencies or just when it comes to family in general. CBE has become my 2nd home. I love my coworkers and how well we can all joke but also be so concerning about each other and able to help each other when in need. 

– JoVonne Derr, HVC Department


What I love about CBE is from the moment I walked in the door I have always felt like I belong here, everyone, reps, staff, supervisors make you feel like you belong here and never treat you differently, I have never had a job where I actually enjoy going to work and being here with all my coworkers. Since I started working here I have made so many friends, and a new roommate even from just working here. I love the friendly environment and the positive attitude everyone has everyday. I love even when I'm having a bad day that someone will actually be genuinely concerned about what's going on and take it on a personal level to get to know what's going on. I love that this place always has exciting new contests and the overtime they offer making work more exciting and rewarding. So to sum it all up I love my job, I love my second home I call CBE, and my family that I have grown here.

– Kelei Snope,  Customer Solutions Department


I love that I don't dread getting up in the mornings to go to work. I actually like my job! I've been provided so many opportunities at CBE that have helped me grow within the company. I love that we are more than coworkers here, we are actually friends. Thanks CBE!

- Brandi Benard, Finance Department


I Love the fact that everyone is so willing to help each other. That creates an outstanding environment and encourage the "team" mentality!

- Leann Viola