College Recruiting

Recent and Upcoming Grads

Please take a look at our Full-Time Opportunities and submit your resume to jobs that fit your interest and skill set.  To make the most of our Campus Recruiting by attending a campus career fair nearest you.  


Current Students

CBE's Internship Program

Your future can begin before you even receive your degree. We invite you to put your fresh perspective and desire for experience to work with CBE Companies. Here at CBE, we are driven to create a win-win experience for both our company and students being employed through our Internship Program.  Earn knowledge and skills that will be relevant in your future career and build relationships along the way!

  • Summer and Year-Round Internship Opportunities
  • Internships can be hosted in the following departments, review current openings to see what we have available at any given time.
    • Information Technology
      • Majors: MIS, CIS, CS
    • Analytics
      • Majors: Statistics, Actuarial Science, Mathematics
    • Human Resources
      • Majors: Human Resources, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Business
    • Accounting/Finance
      • Majors: Accounting, Finance, Financial Management
    • Command Center
      • Majors: Business, Statistics, Economics, MIS, CIS, CS
    • Marketing
      • Majors: Marketing, Graphic Design, Media & Communications


University/College Career Fairs

Contact us at 319-833-1237 to see if we'll be visiting your school career fair!